Double Spark Electric Cigarette Lighter (Dual Raised Arc)

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  • The USB Rechargeable Double Electrical Spark Cigarette Lighter is windproof, flameless and works in any weather.
  • Brand new design with raised spark lets you light anything more easily
  • This is the last lighter you’ll ever need to buy! Simply recharge the electronic lighter with the included USB cable and you’re ready to go.
  • Activated by the touch of a button, one charge can last up to 250 uses. No gas / lighter fluid required. Flame Type: Dual Electric Sparks
  • MOJO LLC offers an exclusive manufacturers warranty for 60 days with this lighter. This warranty is exclusive to sales through MOJO only. Purchases made from unauthorized resellers are not eligible for this warranty.

Made with Zinc Alloy, lightweight and durable. This lighter is guaranteed to work in any weather! No gas or lighter fluid required, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of refilling your lighter or inhaling dangerous butane fumes. Simply charge the lighter and you’re ready to go!

One hour charge time is good for 300 uses, which should last several weeks depending on your use pattern. This lighter can quickly and easily start a fire anywhere. It can be used as a fire-starter when camping, and will light almost anything you can ignite with a regular lighter.

Double electric sparks makes a larger lighting surface so it’s easier to start fires. Great for gifts!

What’s Included: Lighter, Micro USB Charger Cable

Double Spark Electric Cigarette Lighter (Dual Raised Arc)


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